Instant burlesque

A moment in the salon with Baroudeur


I am a fighter for the project "Insidiae", historical reconstruction realized by Spatha.


Hi Lo

Hi Lo

In the midst of volutes and lights, I say goodbye to this place in which I lived and who, since the beginning, will have housed only a few furnitures and objects. Only dance remain on the floor, under the lights and the look of Alex Yde.

Making of

Behind the scenes of a colorful photoshoot.


An improvised escapade during which the city of Marseille turns into the capital…

Midnight run

The mysterious clip "Midnight run", first creation of 6S9

Devil Eyes


A minimalist picture so the interpretation can take all the attention.

For the first musical project of the artist Nienn, I deliver a raw and stripped choreography, almost animal of which Tristan Scharwitzel, with talent, get it : the result reveals an intense and unusual universe.

On Tamino’s music, my heart swings between hope and sadness.

©2018 by Olivia Venner