Puy du Fou • Mousquetaire de Richelieu

Dancer and fencer during the 2017 & 2018 seasons of the Puy du Fou, I perform on stage from 2 to 5 times a day during a consecutive period of 8 months for the show called “Mousquetaire de Richelieu”

I learn flamenco on the job and I get my role as a soloist (Séraphina) in July 2017. I also discover the field of stage fencing through which I learn to handle a type of sword called “rapière”. So, I play the roles of spadassin whose choreography are embellished with various cascades (Falls of stairs, rollings on the ground, jump…). I also work at height and I sometimes go on horseback on stage. Furthermore, I am committed to setting ups the stage between each performances and I am brought, during the season, to do figuration for others shows. Finally, the park allowed me to live various experiences (Shootings, television reports…)


Puy du Fou • Le mystère de Noël

Dancer during the months of November in December for the winter season of the park, I do from 2 to 4 performance a day.

For the 2017 christmas creation, I am a dancer in a show based on the history of the nativity. Choreography was mainly contemporary influenced.


Compagnie du Altar

I followed the choreographer Julien Paiholle and his Parisian company for the creation of the deambulatory installation “Aleatorio” played Friday 8th June 2018 during the “l’instant” festival at Espace Albatros. With the support of the “Théâtre de la cité internationale”


Seigi Heroes

I pose for the Marseillaise brand Seigi Heroes for spring/ summer 2017 collection.


Whispering Tales

During the 2015 year, I followed the symphonic metal band Whispering Tales during various concerts in France and in Swiss. I interpret my own choreography on the album “Mechanism”.



Nihil sine causa


For the release of Ankaa, the last album of Eths, I am a dancer for the clip of their song Nihil Sine Causa


In 2014, I wear jewels from the brand Slovène Vi the brand Slovène Villindery under the eye of the photographer Alexandra Banti.


L'épopée du grand Nord

L'Entreprise compagny

Trainee at the “Théâtre du Merlan”, I am close the team of actors of the director François Cervantes in their creative process. On the occasion of the new project “L’épopée du grand nord” we go to search of testimony from residents of the northern districts of Marseille. Residents gradually become confused with the actors, around a drink or in the stage. Living myself on the 15th arrondissement, I take part in the adventure.


Carmen in Swing

In 2013, during several representation on the south of France, I accompany the “Mosaïque” choir by embodying Carmen on my own choreography.


Calling of Lorme

Between 16 and 18 years old, I realise my first solo performance by embodying a dancing character during concerts of the industrial metal band “Calling of Lorme”.

Wishing to marry contemporary dance and metal scene, I join the the music band “Calling of Lorme in” 2011, beside which i’m close to staging. I embody a character on its own right in an original universe and story. I create my own choreography for this.


©2018 by Olivia Venner